Solar Electric Installer

We provide full service solar electric system installations and quality repairs in the greater Sacramento Valley region.

Solar Hot Water Installer

We provide full service solar hot water system installations in the greater Sacramento Valley region.

Online Solar Sales

We provide online sales of solar equipment and professional consulting.


California was nicknamed the Golden State because of the bountiful amounts of the precious metal found here, but the state has even more valuable golden resource—abundant sunshine! The sun is THE ultimate source of all renewable energy. At Go Solar Now, Inc., we know how to effectively harness the sun’s energy and use it to create electricity, heat water, and more!

From solar panel installation to solar water heaters, we have you covered. At Go Solar Now, we specialize in all types of solar energy. In fact, every solar energy system we sell is designed in house to ensure that your purchase is perfectly suited for your needs. And that’s not all we customize—at Go Solar Now, Inc. we can tailor our approach to your specific needs. Our experts can provide complete solar panel installation service, or we can sell do-it-yourself packages to those with a little bit of electrical or plumbing know-how. We also provide consulting, help you with paperwork, and keep you informed and educated throughout the entire solar panel installation process. Full service or a-la-carte, it's up to you.

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